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 TAECT Annual Event 2023 @ TKU International Conference

The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Educational Technology

Scope and Topics for the Conference

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, topics and emerging issues related to the development and application of multimedia/hypermedia and artificial intelligence (AI) in educational technology. Topics and the related key issues for this conference are listed as follows:  

  1. AI and Learning: Exploring the Impact of AI Applications and Practices in Educational Technology on Primary, Secondary, Higher, and Adult and Continuing Education. 

  2. Instructional Strategies and Methods: Integration of Information Technology into Domain-Specific Teaching, Online Learning Communities, and Flipped Classrooms. 

  3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Media Literacy: Emerging ICT, Media Literacy, Media Convergence, and Communication-related Social Issues.

  4. Emerging Communication Media Technologies: Mobile Learning, Sensing Technologies, Augmented Reality (AR), and AI-powered Learning Technologies. 

  5. Organizational Training and Development: Business Intelligence, Cloud Applications, Corporate E-Learning, Technology and Vocational Education, and Human Resource Development. 

  6. Open Educational Learning Environment: Digital Content, Digital Archives, Information Literacy Education, Digital Asset Management, and Big Data. 

  7. Instructional Media and Technology in Primary and Secondary Schools: School Reforms, Curriculum Reforms, Differentiated Instruction, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers. 

  8. Digital Curriculum Instructional Design and Development: Open Courses, Multimedia Instructional Materials, Classroom Management, Distance Education, and Learning Analytics. 

  9. Others: Platform Design and Development, Digital Game-based Learning, etc.

Types of contributions for the conference

  • Full Papers – These include mainly accomplished research results and have 6-10 pages. Authors of the accepted papers will give oral presentations at the conference.​
  • Posters  – These contain implementation information or work-in-progress and have 2-4 pages. The accepted posters will be presented at the conference.​
  • Multimedia Project Competition - These comprise ebooks, digital games, animation, instructional video clips, digital board games, educational APPs,  VR & AR learning materials, and AI-powered teaching and learning technologies.
  • Lesson Plan Competition - These focus on the lesson plans demonstrating the integration of ICT into teaching and learning.


Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline for Full Papers and Posters: Aug 31, 2023

  • Submission Deadline for Multimedia Projects and Lesson Plans: Aug 31, 2023

  • Notification of Acceptance: Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or non-acceptance by email (or website announcement) as close as possible to the late registration date of Nov 20, 2023.

  • Final Camera-Ready Submission: Authors will have an opportunity to modify their paper in response to the reviewer’s comments. The final paper submission deadline will be anounced later.

  • Early Registration: until Oct 23, 2023 

  • Late Registration: Oct 24 - Nov 20, 2023

  • Conference: Dec 1-2, 2023 

Please refer to the link for more information of registration: Registration for TAECT 2023

Organizing Unit

  • Department of Educational Technology, Tamkang university


Co-organizing Unit

  • Taiwan Association for Educational Communications and Technology (TAECT)


Cooperating Unit

  • National Audio-Visual Education Association of China

Supervisory Unit

  • National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)


Contact Information

Please refer to the link for more details regarding the TAECT Conference: TAECT 2023

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