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June, 5th, 2019: Notice: Conference & Entry Submission

On November 15th-16th 2019, 2019 TAECT Annual Event @ NCTU International Academic Conference will be held at Guang-Fu Campus National Cheng Kung University. You’re welcome to submit your research papers, digital media teaching material, or lesson plans for the competition. The submission deadline is August 23rd, 2019.

January, 19th, 2019: TAECT Affairs

The 48th Election: President and Executive Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Supervisors.

  • Congratulations to Prof. Shwu-Ching Young from National Tsing Hua University on becoming the President of the Board of Directors

  • Congratulations to Prof. King-Dow Su from the Hungkuo Delin University of Technology on becoming the Executive Vice-President of the Board of Directors


November, 20th, 2018: TAECT 2018 International Academic Conference

  1. Topic: Technology Enhances Learning for All

  2. Date: November 23rd (Fri.) – 24th (Sat.), 2018

  3. Venue: International Conference Center, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (No.129, Section 1, Helping Road, Taipei City)

  4. Notice for the entry:


March, 15th, 2019: TAECT Affairs

  • Prof. Jen-Yi Chao resigned from the Secretary-General of TAECT.

  • Prof. Chang-Hwa Wang from the Department of Graphic Arts Communication, National Taiwan Normal University, took over the position as a new Secretary-General of TAECT


January,1st ,2019: TAECT Affairs

  • Prof. Rong-Guey Ho becoming the chief editor of < Research of Educational Communication and Technology>


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